Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am Tama, Lucky Cat by Wendy Henrichs and Yoshiko Jaeggi

In many Asian restaurants around my city (and probably yours) you will find the Lucky Cat, a figurine of a cat with it’s paw raised in a wave. I’ve always wondered what it was about and my friends would always say that it brings luck. 

I am Tama, Lucky Cat, tells the tale of the Lucky Cat. It is beautifully illustrated and the story itself is sweet and charming. It is based on the Maneki Neko, and illustrates one of the many stories of origin of the sculpture. It is a great way to understand the legend (or at least one of the many legends) behind the familiar icon. 

This is a very quick read for parents and children to read together. I would recommend it for all children, especially as a tool for broadening cultural boundaries.

[review copy from netgalley]

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